If You Forget to Do a Reality Check, It Means that You are Hypnotized

If You Forget to Do a Reality Check, It Means that You Are Hypnotized.

 One lady said that she was so caught up in what she was thinking (daydreaming), she forgot to look at her speedometer. She got a traffic ticket for going 85 mph in a 65 mph zone. Failing to do a reality check by looking at her speedometer cost her over $400.

A guy started eating from a large bag of potato chips. He got so caught up in eating and checking emails on smart phone that he ate the whole bag.

In upcoming posts I will give more examples. People are so distracted nowadays and caught up in things that if you are like most people you are actually hypnotized much of the time and don't even realize it.

You can't realize it because you forget to do a reality check where you could realize it.

So if you are making mistakes and things seem to be not working out, it could be that you are not fully aware. When you are fully aware you actually are consciously in reality.  If you drift in and out of being fully aware, then sometimes you are not fully there, and you need a prompt to do your reality check.

The goal is to be in reality most of the time, and when you drift away (like when you are daydreaming, caught up in texting, or emotionally excited) that you are quickly prompted to remember to take a mental step back and get the big picture. This is your reality check.

Remember--when you are hypnotized, people can take advantage of your unawareness. Plus you can make mistakes, like the lady in my example why forgot to look at her speedometer.

Discerning awareness is a gift from God. He gives animals instincts. He gives humans awareness.

I made a small simple and free meditation to help people get out of negative thoughts and distracting daydreams and come back to awareness. If you wish to try the complementary meditation, it is free at www.thefreemeditation.com